First things first: we are not going to meet our February 2021 goal for the SRD*.

It is close to being completed, but it needs a few more days of work before we can release it. We know that this delay is disappointing but please understand that we do not want to give you a product that we know needs a little more work. Doing that would be a disservice to the community. We hope you understand and forgive us for the delay but it is necessary to make sure that you have the tool you deserve.

Although the VtM Web Application is being delayed, we are going to peel back the curtain a little and share with you what will be rolling out in the beta release of the VtM Web Application:

● We have focused on providing both a Desktop and Mobile friendly format;
● It is designed to have quick access to every clan and bloodline along with disciplines, merits, and flaws that have been taken from all three source books (VtM Volume 1, Volume 2 Issue 1, and Volume 2 Backer release!);
● It includes all Disciplines, Thaumaturgy Paths, Necromancy Paths, and Abyssal Mysticism rules including the following material from V2 (2021):
○ Abyss Mysticism;
○ Kineticism;
○ Necromancy: The Path of Grief;
○ Necromancy: The Path of Soul Bonding;
○ Necromancy: The Path of the Graveborn;
○ Thaumaturgy: The Path of Neptune’s Might;
○ Thaumaturgy: The Path of Caelestikinesis;
○ Thaumaturgy: The Green Path.
● It includes over 100 sortable and searchable rituals from all three source books including Thaumaturgy, Necromancy, and Abyss Mysticism;
● It includes over 100 techniques from all three sources in a sortable and searchable format based on prerequisite and title;
● It includes over 200 Merits and Flaws from all three source books in one searchable and sortable interface; and
● It includes all of the skills, attributes, and backgrounds found in the three source books!

Answers to Frequent Questions:
What is “Beta” about this release?  We have some search engine optimization (“SEO”) issues to work out as we want to eventually release an enhanced search option as well as other performance optimizations and final bug cleanup.

If this is the “Beta”, does that mean another phase is being planned and, if so, what does that entail?
  The Beta has everything referenced in the bullet points above. It includes all of the core player driven mechanics systems but does not have Archetypes, Weapon traits, and some other material. The next phase will have that material while starting to roll out more functionality for the Storyteller such as hunter mechanics, NPCs, blood resonance** , and more!

When will the next phase roll out?
  We estimate that the next phase will be released within 4 to 6 weeks from the Beta. However, we intend to incorporate more functionality into the Beta every other week and we will make sure the community knows what that new content entails.

Is there a “Phase 3?”  
Phase 3 is still being planned but it might have something to do with Werewolf and possibly character sheet management . . . . It’s all in discussions of course . . . .

*  – System Reference Document
** – A new mechanic from V2