Abyss Mysticism is a series of rituals that create powerful magical effects. They make use of unusual and rare ingredients and take significantly more time to cast than the manifestations of Obtenebration. Under most circumstances, to be an Abyss Mystic and practice Abyss Mysticism a character must have the Lasombra merit Walk the Abyss. Contrary to MET VTM, Chapter Five: Merits and Flaws, page 241, Abyss Mysticism is considered blood magic and effects which affect blood magic in general also affect Abyss Mysticism; however, it is considered separate from both Necromancy and Thaumaturgy, and is not affected by powers which specifically affect those individual paradigms, such as Countermagic. 

“Infinite in depth and power is the sightless sea of the Abyss . . . and infinite too are the nightmares it holds for the unwary.” 

Astraea, Luminary Elder Lasombra

Abyss Mysticism rituals must be learned and purchased separately and cost the same as Thaumaturgy or Necromancy rituals. They are rated from levels 1 through 5, and a caster can have several rituals corresponding to each level of the progression. An Abyss Mystic must purchase one ritual of each level before she is able to purchase a ritual at the next-higher level. For example, in order to purchase a level 2 ritual, an Abyss Mystic must already possess at least one level 1 ritual; or in order to purchase a level 3 ritual, she must already possess at least one level 1 ritual and 1 level 2 ritual, and so forth. An Abyss Mystic may not have a ritual whose level is higher than her dots in the Obtenebration discipline. Unlike Thaumaturgy and Necromancy, an Abyss Mystic is not limited in the number of rituals she may purchase.

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