Enter the Dreaming

Now, more than ever, you might feel out of place. Like every monotonous moment of modern life is another cut on your soul, bleeding it dry with each new scratch. You feel too out-of-place, too irregular… too weird for everyone else.

You are drowning in a sea of Banality. 

As you move like a ghost through the patterns of everyday life, your heart cries. It asks: When was the last time you got mud between your toes? Or felt the electricity of an approaching storm well up inside you? What about finding a simple joy and endless wonder in the world around you? Your heart pleads with you to recapture what was once lost, to break the surface of these treacherous waters, before Banality swallows you up forever. 

One day, the answer comes. You are not of the mortal world; you belong to the Dreaming. You are a Kithain, a faerie who thrives on animal and human emotion. The feeling of drowning is known as Eternal Winter, where magic—Glamour—still exists but only in small quantities. You have the opportunity to recapture the Glamour that feeds you, to rediscover what brings you joy, and to begin a new adventure with a new community.

You are not at a crossroads. Instead, you stand in an open field of a million directions. The only limit here is your passion, imagination, and—most importantly—hope.  

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Purchase now on Storyteller’s Vault. Your support of the LARP community is appreciated! A return after more than 20 years of Mind’s Eye Theatre’s Changeling: The Dreaming.

Discover Light in the World of Darkness

How you play as a changeling depends entirely on what you desire. You can fight to save the dreamers of the world, to restore the source of your magic. You can make deals with the Shadow Court for power to achieve your own goals. You can rebel against the old ways of the Courts and create a new order in this ever-changing world. Whatever you choose, Changeling: The Dreaming is ready for your story.  

This new version of Mind’s Eye Theatre’s Changeling: The Dreaming offers the familiar themes of finding community and living for your values from the classic Changeling game with new, simplified settings and completely rebuilt mechanics. We hope this will give players and storytellers more freedom to build, explore, and dream in this fantastic world that borders our mundane reality.

Our mission with this release is to give storytellers and players more flexibility and control in their own games. These new rules provide the framework of Changeling—it is up to you and your community to build the rest. Wherever your journey in the Dreaming takes you, we hope you find strength, wonder, and joy in your new adventures and community. 

Download the Character Sheet for Changeling: The Dreaming