“Just let your heart be your guide, and your dreams be your drive. With this, you can accomplish anything.”

— Baroness Cecilia Burton ap Fiona, Seelie Court

Seelie Court

Often mistaken as the “good” court, the Seelie believe in the inherent integrity of the nobility. They follow rules. They like structure. They seem helpful. However, in a world where such notions are entirely subjective, the Seelie rule as rigid zealots that are unyielding to the multiple layers and shades of any situation. To the Seelie, there are those in the right and those who must be punished.

In the past, the Seelie ruled the light months. From Beltaine to Samhain, they acted as kind and orderly leaders, creating grand courts for knights, maidens, lords, and ladies. However, when the balance achieved by switching between Seelie and Unseelie power changed, the Seelie held onto their ascendency as they believed they were the most invested in cultivating mortal relationships by choosing to only harvest small amounts of Glamour in ways they considered safe.

The Seelie value honor and love to such an extent that they espouse beliefs of courtly love and medieval honor, viewing the period before the Shattering as one the noblest periods in Kithain history. The most Seelie of any Kithain group goes above and beyond to live these values, regardless of who is harmed in the process.

The Seelie Code

Death Before Dishonor: Whether forced or not, it is better to die than commit an action against one’s ideals. Honor is what makes the Seelie Court superior to all others.

Love Conquers All: Love is a force that no one can face and win. It transcends all.

Beauty is Life: Beauty is the force of all creation. It is the source of Glamour and human creativity. Seeking beauty is a noble pursuit.

Never Forget a Debt: Whether a kindness or trespass, remember all things must be paid back in time..