“The Shadow Court pricks think that the winter is endless; but the Sidhe thought the summer would last forever and look what that got them. We can burn away the cold if we fight for a new Spring. Let’s Ride!”

— Vore The Redjaw, Leader of the Sons of Samhain Motorcycle Club

Unseelie Court

If the Seelie are seen as the “good” court, then the Unseelie play their foils and act as the darkness to Seelie’s desire for light. The Unseelie Court chooses chaos over order, believing it the one true path to restoring Glamour to a world to use to their comfortable habits. Only by disrupting the status quo can magic return to the world.

Before the Shattering, the Unseelie ruled in the darkest months of the year from Samhain to Beltaine. The darkness fostered a certain kind of fear and also hid a multitude of acts and sins. If any terrible but necessary act needed to be completed, the Unseelie performed it as the light waned. As much as the Seelie claim that mortal relationships must be cultivated, the Unseelie see mortals as a necessary evil to be harvested for Glamour and other resources as humans have harmed them much more than helped them.

The Unseelie value change. The world can quickly become a stagnant place and the lack of upheaval, alongside the calls for order and civility, has only ever hurt the Kithain. For them, it is time to rebel and destroy complacency by upheaving the established order and turning it on its head.

The Unseelie Code

Change is Good: Stagnancy is banal. Change is the only constant and needs to be embraced in order to survive.

Glamour is Free: Glamour is not a resource to be hoarded but celebrated. There’s always more, as long as a Kithain is willing to take it.

Honor is a Lie: The world has moved on and honor has no place. Holding onto the past means no one can find a way forward.

Passion Before Duty: Passion is the one true mark of a Kithain. Passion is the very essence of the Changeling soul, to be experienced whenever possible